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What's growing?

Swiss chard is a year-round crop in Oregon's temperate climate. Closely related to beets, it is one of the healthiest vegetables in the world. One cup of cooked chard contains more than 100% of recommended allowances of vitamins K and A and is also rich in folic acid, calcium, and vitamin C.

About Us

Big Leaf Farm

is located on 14 acres in the Clackamas River Valley near the end of the historic Barlow Road. Homesteads in our neighborhood have been cultivated since at least the 1840s. We grow seasonal vegetables year round, in addition to berries, tree fruits, and eggs to supply our CSA members. We're entering our fourth growing year at Big Leaf Farm. In 2011 we'll be growing vegetables for 60 families.

Our farming practices

represent our best efforts to sustain the soil and land that feeds us while producing nutritious, healthy food. We grow all our fruits and vegetables without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, use certified organic seeds when they are available, and apply only certified organic amendments. Nutrition of the food we grow is also central to our practices. Therefore, we pay great attention to balancing the soil chemistry of our fields to ensure you and your family enjoy fresh produce that is as nutritious as possible. This means we select vegetable varieties and apply organic inputs with the health of your family in mind.